Consulting Services

Failure Analysis

Troubleshooting to determine the cause of failures on machinery and pressure vessels is provided by Dr. Tony Sofronas.

Generally, the Client has been interested in either having the results of a failure analysis performed by their company or a vendor reviewed by us or they desire an analysis. All types of complex equipment can be analyzed.

Practical field experience, best practices used by industry, along with advanced analytical techniques are used to identify the cause of a failure and help define a solution. We welcome the Clients thoughts on the problem cause and historical data and always include this in our work.

In many cases we can provide these service to you via the internet to minimize costs on smaller jobs. Usually the supporting data is sent to us via FedEx.

As with any job, after your company provides the details and deliverable desired, we will provide you with our costs and timing. Work will be started on receipt of a Purchase Order.

Clients For Seminars And Consulting

ExxonMobil Corporation, US and Europe
Beacon Power
Flint Hills Resources
Lamar University Consortium
Southern Company
Center for Professional Advancement, US and Europe
John Zink Company
Hellenic Petroleum, Greece
IVEPE, Greece
PEMEX, Mexico
General Electric Company
Savanna River Operations
SABIC, Saudi Arabia
Various Law Firms (list available on request)

Biographical Information:
Dr. Anthony Sofronas

Tony has been working machinery and fixed equipment designs and analyzing field failures for over 50 years. He was with ExxonMobil for 23 years as Worldwide Lead Mechanical Engineer and Engineering Associate, with responsibilities for addressing high impact equipment concerns, before retiring in 2003. Practical solutions to machinery and fixed equipment troubleshooting, using finite element techniques and analytical modeling were used on the more complex problems. Previously he worked for General Electric and Bendix in the transportation and aerospace sectors. He owns Engineered Products, which provides engineering seminars and consulting services to industry.

He graduated from The University of Detroit with his Doctor of Engineering, Pennsylvania State University with his Masters of Engineering, Northrop Institute of Technology with his B.S.M.E and The University of New York at Farmingdale, with his A.A.S. in Mechanical Power Technology. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

Dr. Sofronas has taught Mechanical Engineering at the undergraduate level and has also taught his technical seminars throughout the United States, Mexico, Greece and in Europe and the Middle East since 1995. He has written four books, “Analytical Troubleshooting of Process Machinery and Pressure Vessels”, “Case Histories in Vibration Analysis and Metal Fatigue” and “Survival Techniques for the Practicing Engineer” and “Unique Engineering Methods for Analyzing Failures and Catastrophic Events: A Practical Guide for Engineers” along with having published many technical papers. He has been writing a bi-monthly column for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine on Engineering Case Histories since 2001 and is a Contributing Editor for the magazine.