One Day Seminar: Understanding and Preventing Process Equipment Failures

Seminar Objective

This course is for Engineers but useful for anyone involved with machinery equipment reliability. Failure of this type of equipment has resulted in lost production along with environmental or litigation concerns. Understanding the equipment’s operation along with a well documented failure analysis becomes very important to understand what has occurred and to prevent it from re-occurring.

This one day course is an overview of some typical failures the presenter has experienced in various industries and how determination of the final root causes was helped by the use of some simple techniques.


1. Reviewing the Mechanical Basics:

  • Materials of Construction

    a. Types of Steels
    b. Steel Properties and Failure Modes
    c. Corrosion Mechanisms

  • Failure Calculations

    a. Design and Troubleshooting Equations are Different
    b. Static and Dynamic Loads
    c. Thermal Growth and Deflections
    d. Fatigue and Brittle Fracture
    e. Types of Stresses and Failure Modes

2. Interpreting and Addressing Failures:

  • Understanding Why Components Fail

a. Analyzing Bolting  
b. Analyzing Shafting
c. Analyzing Bearings
d. A Technical Problem Solving Method
__- Class Worked Problem
e. Vibration of Piping
f. Heat Exchangers and Gaskets
__- Vibration and Leakage

  • Understanding Why Machines Fail

a. Fluid Flow Pipes  
b. Centrifugal Pumps
__- Pump Curves and System Curves
__- Reasons for No Flow
c. Gears
__- Simplified Troubleshooting Method
d. Centrifugal Compressors
__- Surge, Instabilities and Failure Modes
e. Fans
__- Belt Problems
__- Flow Problems