One Day Seminar: Troubleshooting Industrial Equipment Using Analytical Techniques

Who Should Attend this Seminar and What is the Objective?

Engineers who are responsible for all types of equipment and use analysis to solve problems will appreciate this one day accelerated course. Anyone who has a basic understanding of the principles used in mechanical engineering will also benefit greatly. Supervisory personnel will benefit by knowing what can be done and when to ask their engineers the simple question,"Can't we do a calculation on this?". The complexity of machinery and fixed equipment and impact of safety, environmental and production loses due to downtimes, make understanding the cause of a failure imperative to industry. The use of the methods used in this course have saved companies millions of dollars in lost production. Actual case histories used in industry by the presenter and the simple theory necessary will be explained with each example along with the solution implemented.

At the end of this seminar the participant will know how basic analytical techniques are used to simplify equipment into mathematical equations and how they can be used to determine failure causes and aid in failure investigations.


1. What is analytical troubleshooting

2. What should an analytical model do

3. Determining when an analytical analysis is necessary

4. How do you know if the model is correct

5. Use in Strength of Materials

a. Failure of a motor shaft due to fatigue  
b. Unexplained shearing of coupling bolt  
c. Random failure of a ball bearing in a three bearing machine  
d. Mysterious bending of compressor impeller blades
e. Turbocharger rotor through housing, "Can it happen again?"
f. Failure of a gear tooth
g. Gearbox thermal misalignment
h. Crack growth   

6. Use in Heat Transfer

a. Rotary screw compressor rub 
b. Galling of a bushing in a hot to cold reactor  
c. Bursting of a pipe due to thermal expansion of the fluid  
d. Persistent leak of a girth flange of heat exchanger
e. Temperature problem with blocked in pump 

7. Use in Fluid Flow and Vibration

a. Dangers of pneumatic testing verses hydro-testing 
b. Failure of a piping system due to water hammer   
c. Vibration of a small steam turbine 
d. Electrical fault cause shaft and gear failure
e. Analyzing a torsinal vibration problem
f. Explosion of a manifold