Technical Links

Key Bellevilles, Inc.
Information on disc springs (Belleville washers)

Bolt Tech
Bolting services and tools for tightening and removal.

There are many good gasket manufacturers, however, I've used the Kammprofile and Thermiculite for difficult cyclic temperature leakage problems on heat exchangers with good success.
Rules of thumb for processing plant equipment and vessels

Have used the services of this outfit when high torque or limited space were a problem. Just another idea for your troubleshooting toolbox.

Have used this company for FEA and life extension work many times while I was working for a major petrochemical firm. Very reliable and still use for large FEA jobs in my consulting work. Interesting models on their website.
Interesting help items, but just remember answers may not be correct. Not all inputting are experts and some answers are just plain wrong. Lots of good answer too though. Just be careful with these type forums and call in the experts when safety or your reputation are at stake.

Engineering Dynamics, Inc.
Engineering Dynamics Inc. is a highly respected engineering analysis firm. Have used them to analyze pressure pulsation concerns on complex reciprocating compressor systems. They also perform field investigations.

The Hendrix Group
The Hendrix Group provides corrosion, failure analysis and material selections services to industry. Since the question of metallurgical examinations often comes to us we usually refer our seminar participants to this website. It has some excellent information in the discussion groups.

T.D. Williamson Company
The T.D.Williamson Company is a company solving leaking valve, piping and performing hot tapping and repairs.

I've used Furmanite over the years for valve repairs and on-line piping leaks. They are masters at their craft and have excellent engineering capabilities. They had done some large steam pipe leak repairs by designing a special clamp that allowed us to run for several years without taking the steam cracker off line. Millions of dollars in production losses were saved. Check their website as they do many other things also. Again we refer our seminar participants to their website.

BRG Machinery
This site is for those who need rotor dynamics help on design, troubleshooting or testing. This is an experienced staff who perform reliability on turbomachinery with an expertise on bearing design. I have been pleased with their work.

If you like high-performance automobiles, as I do, you will enjoy this website.

Used on this website. Can handle mechanical sketches and logos as well as the layout of books, articles, websites and presentations.